Oh dear, it looks like BIGBANG just can’t seem to catch a break.

After the debacle that shook the K-pop industry with Seungri’s scandals, it seems like another member is now adding fuel to the fire.


According to Channel A, it seems that a building owned by member Daesung (강대성) has served as a front for various illegal activities. The place has been running as a home for prostitution and adult entertainment ever since the member had left for his military service in March 2018.

The investigation done by Channel A revealed that Daesung purchased the building in November 2017. The parts of the building that are being investigated are the basement, as well as the 5th to 8th floors. Being said to be a photography studio and restaurants, the curious thing about the floors is that there is no sign of entry to it! The elevator does not even have buttons to the said floors. Pretty shady, right?

It gets worse as the 8th floor has an iron door that guests can’t enter through, which seems to be suspicious for a mere photography studio. The neighbouring businesses have mentioned that it’s a “bar that only opens at night” and “women in foreign cars” frequent the place. Uhh… sounds like a red flag!

An informant from inside the bar told Channel A that it was indeed a prostitution bar, which confirms the theory.

More than half of the building is being used for illegal operations but the real estate is feigning innocence regarding it. The agent stated that Daesung is the sole owner and is not aware of any of these activities.

However, other real estate agents feel otherwise. They mentioned how it’s impossible to own a building without knowledge of what goes on inside it, even more so when you’re signing a contract! Even if Daesung is not aware of what goes on, it’s within his responsibility to find out what activities go on within the walls of his property.


The Gangnam-gu Office plans to follow up on this case and will take actions if anything else is found.


Daesung has since released a statement via YG Entertainment:

Hello, this is Daesung!

First of all, I would like to express my sincere apologies for greeting everyone with this kind of (matter) while I am serving in the military, as well as for causing everyone to worry.

The building described in the reports is one that I purchased just before enlisting and is a building that has been under my name. I enlisted almost immediately after buying (the building), and as a result from it, I would like to once more sincerely apologise for my inexperienced management of the building.

At the time of purchasing the building, business was already taking place as there were tenants that had already moved in, so I was not properly aware of the illegal activities of the relevant companies. For establishments that have been identified to have done illegal activities, we will immediately be taking legal action, and with my responsibilities as the landlord, I will do my best.

I have belatedly realized my shortcomings and am deeply reflecting.

I will do my best faithfully in regards to all the incorrect aspects. Thank you.”

Source: Channel A, Soompi.

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