Nigerians have stepped out to protest at the embassy in Malaysia after a Nigerian business man who is taking his PhD in Malaysia died in a deportation camp after an unfair arrest.

Thomas Orhionsefe Ewansiha, a father of two was wrongfully arrested by Malaysian immigration officers during a recent raid in Amapuri and was taken to a deportation camp in Jalan Duta, despite having valid documents to justify his stay in Malaysia.

Thomas reportedly died in the immigration detention camp while the officers were verifying his paper ahead of his release. It is said that though he had a valid visa, he didn’t have his passport, just his ID. He was locked up for 2 weeks at the camp.

The incident has led to a protest at the Nigerian embassy in Malaysia. Nigerians have since come out to denounce his death and called on the Nigerian embassy to look into the case.


Veteran Nigerian musician Daddy Showkey has also responded to the incident where he revealed that this is not the first time authorities at the Nigerian embassy have failed to act on the alleged continous violation of rights of Nigerians in Malaysia.

Sources:, iReporter

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