Salted egg yolk is another food trend that many people in are obsessed with. Now, it is one of the most popular flavours favoured by Malaysians

We have salted egg burger, salted egg chips, salted egg Indomie noodle, salted egg fried chicken, salted egg fries and more!


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Now, 7-Eleven Malaysia has an egg-citing news for those who are in love with the salted egg yolk flavour.

That’s right, the famed convenience store is now selling salted egg yolk flavoured ice cream called the Salted Egg Aiskleem for only RM2.50!

However, 7-Eleven is not the first store to sell salted egg yolk ice cream in Malaysia. Another convenience store called MIX has already sold the flavour back in 2018 for RM2.90.

Penang’s Utterly Ice Cream also sells the salted egg yolk ice cream, but for higher price of RM8.30 per scoop.


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7-Eleven’s Salted Egg Aiskleem is only available at selected outlets in Peninsular Malaysia. See the list here.

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