Uh oh, it looks like several nude pictures of Tom Holland may have leaked online.

A Twitter user name @rafa9971 took to social media to upload some old photos that allegedly show the star of “Spiderman: Far From Home” masturbating.

Source: Leaked Meat

In what appears to be a series of Instagram stories, the English actor is seen shaving his beard. Another photo shows a dude holding his erected penis. This comes after Holland recently made a comment about the possibility of Marvel showcasing a gay Spider-Man in the near future.

Although the Instagram handle is the same as Holland’s @tomholland2013 handle, fans have pointed out that the profile picture is different. A quick Google search will also show you that these naked snapshots have been lurking on the internet since last year. Someone probably reposted it because “Spiderman: Far From Home” is currently showing in theatres worldwide.

Source: Marvel

We can’t post such graphic photos on this site, but feel free to see the tweet or the full leak.

Source: Hangat.

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