Jacqueline Wong’s affair with Andy Hui is considered to be one of the biggest scandals in Hong Kong entertainment industry.

So even though she has escaped to Los Angeles to get away from all the drama and attention, the media still wouldn’t leave her alone.

Source: Today Online

Recently, Hong Kong media has revealed that Wong has been begging her ex-boyfriend Kenneth Ma to visit her in Los Angeles as her emotions are reportedly unstable.


Rumours are suggesting that Ma may pay Wong a visit since he will be taking one-month holiday in late June once he completes filming “The Exorcist’s Meter 2”.

Source: Cleo Singapore

Reports have also stated that Ma is still unable to let go of Wong despite of what she had done. This is shown when he accidentally blurted her name during a media interview.

When the media asked Ma about the rumours during the promotion of TVB news drama “Big White Duel”, he said “I have no comment. It’s been so long already, are we still talking about it?”

Though Ma refused to comment further, he did not confirm nor deny the rumour. He also added that he would leave his love life up to fate.

Source: Jayne Stars / Featured Image: Toggle Singapore

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