Taiwanese singer and actor Show Lo (羅志祥) has allegedly cheated on his girlfriend of 4 years with another Taiwanese starlet.

Lo publicly announced his relationship with internet celebrity Grace Chow (周揚青) in 2015, but several Taiwanese media reported that he apparently had an affair with 25-year-old Yu Da Meng (于大夢) since 2016.


According to the reports, Yu is trying to sabotage Lo’s relationship with Chow after finding out she was the third wheel.

She has asked paparazzi to secretly follow them on their Christmas date in an attempt to make the affair public so that Lo is forced to break up with his current girlfriend.

However, Lo’s representative did not deny nor confirm the allegations, only noted they are acquainted but haven’t been in touch for 2 years.

Yu who is often referred to as the life-action version of Nami due to her voluptuous body, was previously linked to former Fahrenheit member Calvin Chen and hip-hop executive Jeffrey Huang.

Source: Jayne Stars

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