Do you think you know a lot about tea? What if we told you that there are numerous tea facts that you may not have heard of? Does tea have more caffeine than coffee? Maybe…maybe not.

Here are 5 surprising tea facts you can share like a pro with their friends, and even come off as a tea connoisseur!

1. Earl Grey tea helps with weight loss! That’s right!

Source: Dilmah

The flavouring of Earl Grey which is the Bergamot, contains natural ingredients that help prevent the absorption of cholesterol to the stomach. It also has high levels of antioxidants and a citrus extract that contribute to weight loss.


2. You can infuse tea with pretty much everything!

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That’s right.. for example, you can make Earl Grey infused chocolate truffles or even Earl Grey seared Australian beef! From tea shakes, desserts, up to main courses – try infusing tea in your next cooking adventure and you can definitely impress your friends with these interesting infusions!

3. Tea is healthier than coffee….really?

Source: Sir Jason Winters

Both tea and coffee have been in debates for years on who reigns supreme to be healthier. But… tea has proven to provide a long list of health benefits. It contains high levels of antioxidants that fight inflammation and have shown to prevent blood vessels from hardening.

It lowers the risk of diabetes, stroke and age-related decline in memory as well! Isn’t that great? You got the ‘tea’ from us 😉

4. Chamomile Tea helps you sleep…um what?

Source: Dilmah

Sleeping problem? Chamomile tea can take you to dreamland! For years, chamomile tea is used to reduce stress, anxiety, and insomnia. Chamomile contains high levels of apigenin that binds specific receptors in your brain to decrease anxiety and initiate sleep or act as a mild tranquilliser.

5. There are around 3,000 different types of tea!

Dilmah Tea

Hold up! The basics of tea are black, green, white, oolong and puer. This remains true.
However, like wine, tea has over 3,000 varieties! How so? Well depending on where the leaves are grown and the type of bush they come from, tea classifications can vary by a mile.

The next time you’re hanging out with your girlfriends or…guy friends just slip one or two of these facts, and voila! You’re on your way to be a legitimate Tea Connoisseur! For more ‘tea’, check out


Source: Dilmah

If you’re a tea lover just like us, then we’d like to reward you when you share these tea fun facts with your friends on social media. Thanks to Dilmah Tea, we’re looking for some winners to walk away with a Dilmah tea set worth over RM250.


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  • Mint Flavoured Black Tea 20s
  • Green Tea with Chamomile Flowers

10 Consolation winners

  • Dilmah Tea Melton Pot OR Queensberry Breakfast Cup & Saucer
  • 2 boxes of Dilmah Teas
Source: Dilmah
  1. Dilmah Tea Melton Pot – The pot has a capacity of 460ml and can serve two cups at a time.
  2. Queensberry Breakfast Cup & Saucer – Made from fine porcelain, it has a capacity of 240ml.
  3. Dilmah Tea Premium Tagless 100s – With medium caffeine level, this Black Tea is best served with sugar or milk and accompanied with cakes and biscuits.
  4. Lemon Flavoured Black Tea 20s – It has a distinct juicy lemon note with a touch of sweetness and a mildly tangy taste to balance.
  5. Mint Flavoured Black Tea 20s – This variant is best consumed as is, accompanied by dark chocolate or chocolate-flavoured desserts.
  6. Green Tea with Chamomile Flowers – The combination offers a beautiful fragrance of spring and an elegant taste, with hints of apple flavour and a delicate floral finish.

How to win:

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Terms and conditions:

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