The biggest female idol group in Japan, AKB48 (Akihabara 48) will be performing live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the first time ever on 27th July 2019!

The group which is the epitome of “kawaii” (meaning “cute” in Japanese) will be one of the main highlights at Japan Expo Malaysia 2019, presented by G-Yu Creative Co Ltd and Siam Connection Sdn Bhd.


Since their formation in 2005, the Tokyo born 48-member idol group have gone from being national favourites to global icon.

Though the group initially started with 48 members, they have now expanded to more than 130 members aged from early teens to mid-20s.

AKB48 is more than just a girl group, it is a culture. The idol group was founded based on the “idols you can meet” concept, which means that the members can rotate performances and perform simultaneously at several events.

The concept has been expanded to outside of Japan where spinoff groups like JKT48 (Jakarta), BNK48 (Bangkok), MNL48 (Manila), and SGO48 (Saigon) were created.

They even have several sister groups within Japan itself like SKE48 (Sakae), NMB48 (Namba), HKT48 (Hakata), NGT48 (Niigata), and more. There are currently 11 sister groups of AKB48.


AKB48 is one of the highest-earning musical performers in Japan with more than 56 million records sold.

“They have record selling singles surpassing 50 million like ‘Fortune Cookies’, ‘Sayonara Crawl’ and ‘UZA’. This concert will definitely be a huge treat for the fans!” says Yuphakaret, founder of G-Yu Creative Co.Ltd.

AKB48’s maiden show in Malaysia will take place at Pavilion KL on Saturday, 27th July 2019. Also, the showcase is free to the public!

More performers will be announced for Japan Expo Malaysia 2019. For more info, visit

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