Just when you’re about to get tired of all the bubble tea brands in Malaysia, another one pops up! But wait…there’s something different about this one.

Turns out, the new boba drink brand does not used milk tea as its based. Instead, it uses coffee. Hmm, sounds unique. So instead of Brown Sugar Milk or Milk Tea, the new brand sells Brown Sugar Latte.


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Called the Sugar Mummy Boba (老母堂), the boba drink logo seems to be inspired by the grumpy landlady from Stephen Chow’s famous comedy “Kung Fu Hustle”.

Sugar Mummy Boba currently does not have a physical store but it will set up a pop-up store at Mookathai BBQ in Setapak from today onwards (24th May) until Sunday (26th May) at 7pm.

For those who couldn’t travel all the way to Setapak, no worries! You can still purchase the drink at Optimist Cafe’s Ampang Park outlet, every friday, 12pm onwards.

However, you need to be super fast and early, because according to the Instagram page, the drink is usually sold out within one or two hours.

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