Can you feel the Raya mood in the air? Especially with all the iconic and evergreen Raya songs being played in every malls and streets.

Hari Raya is never complete without Raya tunes, so like every year, many local talents will either cover an old tune or introduce brand new songs that are relevant to today’s audience.

Here are some new Raya songs set to be released or already released by our local singers.


1Bella Astillah & Didi Astillah – Bersama Di Hari Raya

Siblings combo Bella and Didi Astillah will be releasing a duet song together for the first time in 20 years. The song titled “Bersama Di Hari Raya” is a creation of Rosli Ahmad, and it marks the first time the sisters performed together after almost 2 decades. The Astillah sisters used be part of a children group called Adik-Adik Mutiara where they performed various local children songs and nursery rhymes such as “Anak Kambing” and “Tom Tom Bak”. According to Bella, the Raya song was made 2 years ago, but it was only recently that the siblings decided to release the song this year.

2Siti Nurhaliza, Nissa Sabyan & Taufik Batisah – Ikhlas

For the first time ever, Dato’ Sri Siti Nurhaliza from Malaysia, Indonesia’s Nissa Sabyan and Singapore’s Taufik Batisah have come together to collaborate on a song titled “Ikhlas” to bring out the theme of togetherness this Raya. Composed by Omar K and Ikhwan Fatanna, the concept of the music video goes back to the Prophet’s time, showing the beauty of nature and celebrates the harmony between man and the Creator. The song will be released exclusively on Apple Music on 31st May and 7th June  on other music platforms.

3Aliff Syukri – Jom Raya

Dato Aliff Syukri is set to release a new Raya song titled “Jom Raya”, composed by Amy Uk’s. Despite many objections, the entrepreneur decided to go ahead with the song anyway. The  businessman expressed his interest to collaborate with one local singer on the Raya song. Some of the contenders include Siti Nordiana, Bella Astillah, Wany Hasrita, Siti Nurhaliza, Nur Sajat, and Zizi Kirana. In another post, Aliff Syukri revealed that 2 contenders went for the song’s audition, and they are Zizi Kirana and Nur Sajat. The entrepreneur stated that the person with most vote will be his duet partner on the song.

4Ernie Zakri & Syamel – Seru Hari Lebaran

Ernie Zakri and Syamel have collaborated once again on a new Raya song called “Seru Hari Lebaran”. Composed by S. Atan, the song has been receiving positive review so far. According to Syamel, the song is the first Raya song for both him and Ernie ever since their debut in the local music industry. The Raya song marks Ernie and Syamel’s 3rd collaboration together since “Aku Cinta” and “Takkan Terlerai”.


5Hael Husaini – Bersyukur Seadanya

AJL winner Hael Husaini admitted that he has always wanted to release his very own Raya song but never found the right chance, until now. Titled “Bersyukur Seadanya”, the song is a product between him and frequent collaborator Ezra Kong who also composed AJL-winning song “Haram”. According to Hael, the music video of the song is different from other Raya songs as it is very simple and minimal.

6Floor 88 & Baby Shima – Tak Dapat Raya

After the success of their first song together “Roadblock Hatiku”, rock band Floor 88 and dangdut singer Baby Shima decided to come together once again on a hilarious Raya song called “Tak Dapat Raya”. Composed by Zai Hamzah, the Raya song tells a hilarious story about a group of friends who are discussing where they should celebrate their first Raya, and the ending is priceless.

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