Loob Holdings’ bubble tea brand Tealive has officially launched its first Tealive outlet in Manchester, UK via a partnership with Legend Ventures Ltd.

“This may seem a small step for some but it is a giant leap for us in mindset as a Malaysian brand breaking into Europe,” CEO Bryan Loo said in a statement.

According to Legend Ventures CEO Samuel Chin, the company is planning to open a second store later this year in London, and is expected to open a total of five outlets in the first year of operations.

“We look forward to being a good springboard for Tealive into Europe with our business presence and understanding of the western market,” he said.

Currently, Tealive has over 250 outlets in Malaysia with 3 million consumers each month. The brand plans to expand into 6 more countries in 2019 and have 1,000 stores in the region by 2020.

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