My goodness, we can’t catch up with Aliff Aziz’s alleged cheating scandal saga.

Having previously cheated with Afifah Nasir and Oktovia Manrose, and most recently a 17-year-old Sarawakian girl nicknamed Nismell, there’s now apparently a 4th woman! Who’s the lady in question? Her name is Mei Fina.


2 sets of photos were released on the internet. The first batch showed the singer actor and his female companion dressed in matching red shirts and blue jeans. Another batch of photos sees Aliff wearing an additional maroon jacket and shades as he planted a kiss on his lady.


Blogger Afdzal Adib claims that Mei Fina is a 31-year-old Indonesian (originally from Jakarta) who has been residing in Kuala Lumpur. Word on the street has it that the former model is a divorcee with a young son.

Aliff Aziz

Just a few hours ago, Mei Fina took to her Facebook to confirmed that those pictures were of her and Aliff. However, those snapshots were taken years ago. In her vent video, the woman sarcastically “thank” the person who leaked the pictures before dropping a ton of expletives.

What do y’all think? Is there going to be a 5th woman soon?

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