The saying “once a cheaters, always a cheater” may not always be true but there’s a reason why such saying exists. Some men are just naturally unfaithful.

That seems to be the case with Malaysia-based Singaporean singer-actor Aliff Aziz who has been caught cheating on his celebrity wife Bella Astillah yet again, and for the 3rd time already. (When will he ever learned?)


Today, social media was shocked by a photo of a shirtless Aliff Aziz posing intimately with a young woman wearing a sleeveless black top known by the IG handle @nismelll__.

The photo was made viral by a user called @manjaaaaaa.__ who exposed the photo because @nismelll__ reportedly owe her money.

According to commenters from Twitter and Instagram, @nismelll__ is reportedly 17-years old and is a Sarawakian. @manjaaaaaa.__ noted that she got to know @nismelll__ from a viral TikTok video.

When some users asked @nismelll__ regarding Aliff Aziz, she denied knowing him personally and said that she never hang out with him, but many netizens claimed that she’s lying as the two of them were seen following each other on Instagram.


@manjaaaaaa.__ has reached out to Bella Astillah regarding the issue to which she replied, “You’re doing the right thing, you’re helping me. InsyaAllah. Hopefully, Allah will return the favour. This means you still have the heart to symphatise.”

For now, Aliff has yet to release any statement, but his Instagram is once again flooded with plenty of nasty comments.

Previously, Aliff Aziz was caught cheating on Bella with actress Afifah Nasir and once again with Oktovia Manrose.

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