Thanks to the newly-released trailer, fans have finally gotten the first taste of “It Chapter 2”.

Now that the “Losers Club” members are all grown adults, their pasts and terrifying childhoods are all coming back to haunt them – along with Pennywise, the evil, murderous, shape-shifting clown. Here’s a breakdown of every major character in comparison to their younger versions:

1. Bill Denbrough


The older Bill Denbrough is played by James McAvoy, who is now a successful novelist. The protagonist seems like he’s still pretty haunted by the death of his little brother Billy almost 30 years ago.

2. Beverly Marsh

Many fans wanted Jessica Chastain to play the older Bev Marsh and their wishes came through. Her return to Derry brings back bad memories from her abusive father. Now a successful fashion designer, she finds herself trapped in an unhappy, abusive marriage.

3. Richie Tozier

The hair, the glasses, Bill Hader is the perfect shoe-in for Finn Wolfhard’s Richie. Although he has put his loud mouth to good use by taking up a profession as a DJ in Los Angeles, he finds himself being pulled back to Derry.


4. Ben Hanscom

Played by Jay Ryan, you can see that Ben Hanscom has gotten rid of his childhood weight and has grown to become a thin, successful architect.

5. Mike Hanlon

Isaiah Mustafa looks eerily similar to Chosen Jacobs’ young Mike doesn’t he? Mike Hanlon is the only member who remained in Derry. The now-town librarian ultimately calls his friends back to confront the evil force once more.

6. Eddie Kaspbrak

We don’t see much of James Ransone as the older Eddie Kaspbrak but he is now in charge of limousine company. Similar to Bev, his poor choice resulted in him marrying someone super controlling.

7. Stan Uris

Andy Bean plays the older version of Stan Uris, where he’s now the most successful of the bunch. After becoming a partner in a large Atlanta accounting firm, one would assume he’s on top of the world. But he is perhaps the one who has retained all the scary memories from those yesteryears.

8. Henry Bowers

The adult version of Henry Bowers (played by Teach Grant) is almost as scary as Pennywise himself. After being locked up in a mental institution for almost 3 decades, he only has one thing on his mind – revenge.

9. Pennywise/It

Bill Skarsgård is reprising his role as the big baddie. Pennywise the Dancing Clown hasn’t really changed much. One thing movie-goers can anticipate is this monster taking on various disguise including the deceptively pleasant Mrs Kersh.

Watch the trailer here:

Sources: People, IGN.

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