It’s no secret that the Pokemon franchise holds a very special place in many people’s hearts. This is because many of us grew up tuning in on Saturday mornings to catch the adventures of the pokemon trainer, Ash Ketchum, and his friends. So, imagine our delight when news for a movie adaptation was announced.

Directed by Rob Letterman, the feature adaptation takes place at the metropolis, Ryme City, where humans and Pokemons live together in harmony. The story centres on 21-year-old Tim Goodman’s journey on finding his missing father, Harry Goodman.


Aiding him in the investigation is Harry’s former sidekick, a talking Pikachu, reporter Lucy Stevens, and her Psyduck. As they dive deeper into their investigation, they discover something that can potentially endanger the existence of the whole Pokemon universe.

The show is currently showing in cinemas worldwide now. Before hitting the theaters to catch it, let’s get to know the 8 characters from the movie, shall we?

  1. Pikachu (Ryan Reynolds)

Voiced by Ryan Reynolds, his character, a talking Pikachu is addicted to caffeine and currently suffers from amnesia. He is left with no memories of his past life as a detective nor any memories with his former owner, Harry Goodman. The only remaining clue left with him is a cap that has Harry’s name on it. Together with Harry’s son, Pikachu is determined to go undercover to find his former owner.

2. Tim Goodman (Justice Smith)

A 21-year-old, Tim Goodman visits Ryme City when he receives the news of his father’s passing. As he roams around his father’s house to say his last goodbyes, he encounters a talking Pikachu. To his surprise, he is the only person that can comprehend and communicate with the talking Pikachu. Together, they get to the bottom of this to find justice for his estranged father.

3. Lucy Stevens (Kathryn Newton)


Kathryn Newton plays Lucy Stevens who interns at a top news reporting company at Ryme City. Lucy is determined to get her big break as a reporter. As soon as she received the lead to Harry’s mysterious death, Lucy insists to embark on a journey with Pikachu and Tim to locate Harry’s whereabouts. With her fine journalism skills and her sidekick, Psyduck, Tim and Pikachu waste no time to recruit her for their mission.

4. Mewtwo (Rina Hoshino and Kotaro Watanabe)


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A duplicate of the ancient pokemon, Mew, Mewtwo was first introduced in 1998 “Pokemon: The First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back”. In it, fans got to see how the pokemon was created solely for the purpose of destruction. The 2019 movie is a reminisce to this as it briefly explores the origins of the character.

Scriptwriter Dan Hernandez revealed that “Mewtwo brings a lot of history with that character and not everyone is necessarily familiar with that character”. Without giving much away, fans can definitely look forward to seeing this badass pokemon bring his A-game to screen.

5. Howard Clifford (Bill Nighy)

Bill Nighy’s character in this film is the visionary behind Ryme City. The mayor of the city, Howard Clifford was inspired with the idea for Ryme City after embarking on a journey to discover a cure for his disease. There, he experiences a warm welcome and experience with pokemon. Thus, Ryme City was birthed.

6. Roger Clifford (Chris Geere)

Unlike his father, Roger isn’t fondly of pokemon. Even though he appears to be friendly and speaks highly of them on screen, he despises them and partly blames them for his father’s disease. He is also the president of Clifford Enterprises and the boss of Lucy Stevens.

7. Detective Hideo Yoshida (Ken Watanabe)

A close friend and colleague to Harry Goodman, Detective Hideo Yoshida is the veteran police lieutenant of Ryme City. Due to his status and close relationship, he breaks the news of his former friend to his son, Tim. He is also always accompanied by his pokemon Snubbull.

8. Sebastian (Omar Chaparro)

Sebastian is a pokemon trainer at Ryme City who runs a battle arena. Accompanied by his pokemon Charizard, Sebastian once battled Harry and his Pikachu. Is he involved with Harry’s alleged death? Guess, you have to watch the movie to find out.

Catch the trailer here to get a sneak peek of what to expect:

Image sources: IMDb

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