After staying low-key for almost a year since her infamous tax scandal, China’s former highest paid actress Fan Bingbing is now back in the public’s eye, attending all sorts of events and functions.

The Chinese actress recently paid a visit to Tibet for a charity event but due to the region’s high altitude, the 37-year-old actress is now suffering from acute mountain sickness (AMS) also known as altitude sickness.

The actress reportedly had a nosebleed and suffered a swollen face from the altitude sickness. The place which she visited is located at an altitude 3,656. Altitude sickness is apparently the biggest health risk to tourists in Tibet.

Photos of the Fan hooked up to an oxygen concentrator have surfaced on Chinese social media, and these photos have gotten fans worried about the actress condition.

While many fans wish for the actress recovery, some accused her of faking the sickness to gain sympathy.

Fan’s Tibetan misadventure comes only about a week after she returned to the red carpet to attend a gala in Beijing. The actress will reportedly return to the screen in Jessica Chastain’s female spy thriller, “355”.

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