People are willing to camp overnight just as long as they can get their hands on Westlife concert tickets in Malaysia – and thanks to that, the tickets for the 2-day concert are officially all sold out!

Westlife’s frontman Shane Filan expressed his astonishment on the love Malaysians have for Westlife.  The 39-year-old took to social media to thank Malaysians for their love and support, “Our 2 shows in Malaysia sold out yesterday. We love you guys!! See you all in August.”

Shane also shared another post from organiser Macpiepro who compiled a video of Malaysians queueing up overnight to get the pre-sale tickets of Westlife concerts. “Thank you to all our amazing fans in Malaysia who queued up overnight to get pre sale tickets,”  he said.

Of course, Westlife is also getting a lot of love from our neighbouring country Indonesia where their 2-day show in the country also sold out. Due to the overwhelming demand from Indonesian fans, the boys decided to add a 3rd show in the country.

So for those who didn’t get to grab a ticket for Westlife in Malaysia, make enough noise for the organisers to notice, and who knows, we may have a 3rd show here as well!

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