Teen singer As’ad Motawh have fallen off from a stage during his performance in Sabah, the last location of his Percaya Tour.

The young singer who is called the Justin Bieber of Malaysia shared a video of the incident on his Instagram, saying that he “nearly died” and that he ended up with a few bruises.

However, many people are saying that his fall looks like an act and the whole thing is just a gimmick like the one he did in Melaka where he was suddenly hugged by an “overeager” fan who was later pulled off by 2 security guards.

Netizens believed that his fall was staged and some even make fun of him, saying that he tried to do a stage dive and crowd surfing but no one wants to catch him.

As’ad claims that he was pulled by one of the fans, but many people in the comment section said that it looks like he willingly falls into the sea of girls.

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