Mazlan bin Ahmad, better known as Lan Pet Pet, member of the once famous comedy group Senario, has injured a 68-year-old security guard at Acacia Park Desa Jati in Nilai during the weekend.

The local comedian’s violent actions were caught on CCTV and by several bystanders, where he was seen punching the old security guard for more than 3 times in the face and kicking him as well.


It is reported that the 49-year-old comedian acted violently towards the guard when he was asked to jot down his name in the visitor’s book before entering the residential area.

Naturally, netizens are all disappointed with the comedian’s egoistical behaviour and started to condemn him for hurting a senior citizen.


Lan has yet to be arrested but police are currently investigating the case under penal code Section 323 for voluntarily causing hurt or Section 427 for committing mischief and thereby causing damage.

Source: Kosmo

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