Any fans of “My Hero Academia” out there? Hasbro has just announced that it’s debuting a brand new quirky Monopoly game inspired by the popular anime and manga series.

Board game players will be required to build their own team of heroes between the characters in Class 1-A (including fan favourite students and teachers) to take part in a “real-life battle simulation that will hone your buying, selling, and trading Quirks”.


“My Hero Academia” was created by Kōhei Horikoshi back in 2015 that has an opposite setting from the “X-Men” universe. In this anime series, superhumans are the norm where as ordinary people are the rarity. The storyline focuses on Izuku, a normal human who dreams of becoming a hero.

As per HypeBeast, the Monopoly game consists of 7 custom Tokens that are items from the main characters in the series. They include the school’s sigil, Eraserhead’s Visor, Grenade Glove, Deku’s Mask, Dummy Bomb, and Shigaraki’s Hand. Houses has been renamed as Rewards and Hotels renamed Trophies.

My Hero Academia

The board game will be release on 6th May 2019 and can be purchased online.

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