GrabFood Malaysia has revealed that it will be launching a new form of food delivery service next Monday for Malaysians who love Singaporean food.

Called the GrabFoodCopter, the food will be delivered by helicopter for those who are craving for Singaporean food but are too shy to admit it.


The company announced the new service on their Facebook page and they also revealed that they are looking for 1,500 GrabFoodCopter beta testers, and the testing period is free.

The GrabFoodCopter service will be officially launched on 1st April 2019 (Yep, you read that right), and if you plan to use the service to order some Singaporean food, you may as well try out 7-Eleven’s new ice cream flavours as well.

So for those who are interested to be the beta tester, you can register here.

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