Who is Kim Lim? K-pop fans were wondering if she’s involved in the ongoing sex scandal in South Korea after Seungri gave an interview with Korean daily Chosun Ilbo.

During the session, the former BigBang singer denied that he had provided prostitutes for foreign investors at nightclub Arena. He went on to explained that he was only looking for some companions for “Kimmy”.

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While he didn’t identify who this “Kimmy” was, all eyes pointed to Singapore socialite Kim Lim. For those that don’t know, Kim is the daughter of billionaire father Peter Lim, who owns La Liga football club Valencia FC.


Over the weekend, the 27-year-old beauty took to her Instagram to share her side of the story. Her intention was also to distance herself away from the K-pop sex scandal that has been making headlines worldwide.

Check out her statements from her Instagram stories below:

So why would Seungri sent some random girls to accompany Kim? Some fans suggest that he did this to prove his innocence. Having said that, Kim herself has denied Seungri’s claims, saying that no one else (other than her own friends) were at the VIP table on 9th December. She did however, admitted that she was at “the wrong place and the wrong time”.

There’s no denying that Seungri has a large network of celebrities and friends. But with this K-pop sex scandal going on, anyone affiliated with the K-pop star might get dragged into this mess even though they may have nothing to do with it.

Kim Lim

It was probably a smart call for Kim to address the issue before it blew up.

Sources: Soompi, All Kpop.

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