Go on a super sweet journey at Pavilion KL’s Sweet Dreams Festival which is set to tickle your taste buds with an array of desserts and sweet treats.

Head over to Tokyo Street in Pavilion mall from now until 31st March 2019 to indulge in a mouth-watering festival filled with lip-smacking delights from prices as low as RM5.

Some of the participating outlets at the festival include Beard Papa, Croissant Taiyaki, Eggette Lab, Famous Amos, Hui Lau Shan, Kakigori, Krispy Kreme, Miru, Tapas Club, Tokyo Milk Cheese, Tealive and many more.

These dessert outlets will present a uniquely curated dessert spread as well as excitingly sweet deals only at Sweet Dreams Festival.

For instance, Tealive will be offering 6 new flavours which are not available at any of their outlets. These flavours include Salted Egg Bang Bang Fresh Milk, Cempedak Milkshake, Cempedak Mousse and more!

For more info, head on to Pavilion KL.

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