Japanese casual clothing retailer UNIQLO has announced a special UT (UNIQLO graphic T-shirts) collaboration with megahit game series from Capcom, “Street Fighter” and “Monster Hunter”.

Making its arcade debut in 1987, “Street Fighter” is one of the highest-grossing video game franchises of all time and considered to be the one that started the fighting game boom in the ‘90s.

A new collection of unique UT designs celebrating the “Street Fighter” franchise highlights world warriors such as Ryu and Ken in various designs, as well as designs with controller button commands and a pixel art rendition of a rare double K.O. from the game.


As for “Monster Hunter”, several newly designed “Monster Hunter” shirts are being released to celebrate the 15th anniversary of action role-playing game series which debuted in 2004.

A highlight of the collection is a UT featuring the enigmatic Fatalis Elder Dragon on the back, with the 15th anniversary emblazoned on the front, while another design exclusive to the new UT line depicts a camouflaged monster silhouette and unique meat icons from the game.

The merchandise will begin rolling out at all UNIQLO stores in Malaysia starting Monday, 15th April 2019. 

For more info, visit UNIQLO.com/my

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