Subang Jaya is slowly becoming a hub for Taiwanese bubble milk tea.

Earlier this week, we’ve announced the opening of a new bubble tea brand from Taiwan, and now another one is making its way to Subang Jaya.

Source: 88razzi

Netizens have began to notice the increasing number of bubble tea in the area especially in SS15, and dubbed the place as “the bubble tea street”.

The new bubble tea brand from Taipei is called JLD Dragon (吉龙糖), and some people even joked that the street now has all sorts of “bubble tea animals” with Tiger Sugar (老虎堂), The Alley (鹿角巷) – which uses a deer logo, and Daboba (熊黑堂) – featuring a bear as its logo, in the area.

Some of the other bubble tea brands that can be found in Subang Jaya include the popular ones like Chatime, Tealive, Gong Cha, and Koi The, and also the rare ones such as Pin Tea, Xing Fu Tang, OneZo, Chatto, Cha Wan Jia Tea Bubble, and more.

JLD Dragon is known for its huge milk foam on top of the milk tea. The milk tea is set to open its first Malaysian outlet in SS15, Subang Jaya. The opening date has yet to be announced.

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