For many of us, weekends are now reserved for Netflix and chill.

With so many new content added to the giant streaming platform every month, Malaysians can now look forward to more local productions to watch. In case you don’t, Netflix is currently Malaysian writer Yangsze Choo’s New York Times best-selling novel, “The Ghost Bride” into a series.

1. “Rise: Ini Kalilah”

  • Date release: 13th September 2018
  • Cast: Remy Ishak, Mira Filzah, Sangeeta Krishnasamy, Jack Tan, Shashi Tharan, Jenn Chia, Mark O’dea, Sweet Qismina, Mustaqim Bahadon, Sharifah Sakinah, Yana Samsudin, Dato’ Jalaluddin Hassan, Tony Eusoff, Pushpa Narayan.
  • What is it about: The movie is inspired by the recent 14th Malaysian general election, following the lives of 6 very different Malaysians, coming together for the love of their country.

2. “Pulang”

  • Date release: 26th July 2018
  • Cast: Remy Ishak, Puteri Aishah, Alvin Wong
  • What is it about: “A man from a village who sails around the world hoping for riches as his wife waits for his promised return for – 61 years.”

3. “One Two Jaga”

  • Date release: 6th September 2018
  • Cast: Zahiril Adzim, Ario Bayu, Rosdeen Suboh
  • What is it about: “In the outskirts and back-alleys of Kuala Lumpur, several individuals with money problems struggle to get their lives straight, finding their paths unexpectedly intersecting – with fatal results.”

4. “Rembat”

  • Date release: 8th October 2015
  • Cast: Ah-Niu, Shaheizy Sam, Zara Zya
  • What is it about: “Chin Chye and Malik are two men with different backgrounds and ambitions, but they do have one thing in common – both of them are hardcore supporters of the Malaysian national football team, Harimau Malaya. They also possess the same goal, which is to watch a live football match between Thailand and Malaysia.”

5. “KL Zombi”

Source: Medium
  • Date release: 29th August 2013
  • Cast: Zizan Razak, Siti Saleha, Izara Aishah
  • What is it about: “It centres on the tale of slacker, Nipis who becomes a reluctant hero when a zombie outbreak robs him of the only life he knows.”

6. “Adnan Sempit 3”

  • Date release: 8th August 2013
  • Cast: Shaheizy Sam, Intan Ladyana, Shima Anuar
  • What is it about: “The third instalment of ‘Adnan Sempit’ sees Adnan married to his childhood love, Nadia, and Bobby married to Wawa. Adnan, is also getting the hang of running his own business. However, the two couples soon realise that there is more to getting married than just sharing a home with someone.”

7. “Aku Terima Nikahnya”

Source: BeautifulNara
  • Date release: 11th October 2012
  • Cast: Adipura, Nora Danish, Kamal Faridz
  • What is it about: “After a tragic accident, a husband forget everything about his wife and her wife try to regain her lover’s memory back although it’s so painful. Will she succeed?”


8. “Paskal”

  • Date release: 27th September 2018
  • Cast: Hairul Azreen, Tiger Hu Chen, Ammar Alfian Aziz
  • What is it about: Based on true events, Naval unit Paskal is among the most elite special forces in Malaysia. But all bets are off when one of its own stages a hijacking.

Update (24th August):

Other Malaysian content has been added on the service. They include:

  • “Polis Evo”
  • “Polis Evo 2”
  • “Fly By Night”
  • “Till Death: Azalea’s Wrath”
  • “Munafik 2”
  • “Hantu Kak Limah”

Sources: Cinema, IMDb.

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