It’s been more than a week since Liv Lo opened up about her young sibling’s untimely death.

The 34-year-old TV presenter shared while her brother Sam’s death was a complete shock, this has stirred her to make some changes in her life moving forward. This comes after she recently attended the 2019 Oscars event with hubby Henry Golding in Los Angeles.

In her almost-7 minutes IGTV video, Liv wanted to explain and give an update on her current situation. “When I first heard the news (of my brother’s passing), I was definitely in a terrible shock. I dropped everything immediately to get to his side — he’s in Hong Kong — to take on the responsibilities for our family,” she said.

The fitness star expressed gratitude to everyone who have conveyed encouragement and condolence messages over the past few days. “(That) may be a lot to share on social media, especially since I don’t know many of you personally, but I hope that from my experience, you can learn as well,” Liv added.

Source: Instagram

What I have learnt ultimately from his untimely passing is that time is precious – it really, really is, every moment we have is truly precious,” the Asian beauty shared, before recalling that she used 5 hours on social media on a daily basis and would often “have a glass of wine every night”. She has now cut it down to 2 hours and cease drinking.

I may hold a glass at events… but I’ve had such clarity since not drinking. This is crazy to say, but I thought I was only going to stop drinking when I’m pregnant, but something like this has just changed my life,” she continued.

I don’t cite social media or alcohol as (a) reason for his passing, but it’s the way that I have come to understand that I really need to be more healthy and improve few areas of my life – I think that he (Sam) would have wanted that of me,” Liv said. It’s more than just physical health isn’t it? Our mental state of mind is equally important.

Watch the full video below:


Sending Liv and her family love and hugs 😉

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