Get ready for the KFC Ghost Pepper Zinger Burger and Twister, 2 new meals that are now available to every KFC outlets in Malaysia!

The new menu is inspired by one of the world’s spiciest chillies, the Bhut jolokia, also known as the ghost pepper, hailing all the way from India.


The ghost pepper is said to be 400 times spicier than Tabasco sauce and it was once dubbed as the world’s hottest chilli pepper by Guinness World Record.

For the new menu, the famed chill has been transformed into a sauce that will surely spice up your palate with its thrilling flavours and lingering heat.

Malaysia is the first and only KFC that gets to try out this new creation, so for those who are a huge fan of spicy meals, now is your chance to challenge your taste buds.


From RM8.90, you can have the KFC Ghost Pepper either as a Zinger burger or wrapped in a Twister. So hurry up and get one now at a KFC near you!

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