“Kingdom” is currently one of the most discussed Korean dramas amongst Netflix binge-watchers. Many K-drama fans are already looking forward to season 2, including Ryu Seung Ryong (류승룡).

In a recent interview, the 48-year-old South Korean actor opened up about the popular Korean zombie apocalypse drama’s very tense cliffhanger. He also gave a little tease on what viewers can anticipate for the next season of “Kingdom”.


In Netflix’s “Kingdom”, Ryu Seung Ryong portrays the power hungry and ruthless Minister Cho Hak Jo. He confessed that he was initially puzzled by the abrupt ending in season 1. It later made sense when he knew that the pilot season of Netflix’s zombie period drama was meant to introduce “Kingdom” and lay the ground work.

I wondered, ‘Why is it ending here?’ But season 1 was a process of introducing the world and the story,” he was quoted as saying. The veteran actor revealed that he has read some parts of the script for season 2 and teased that fans can expect more twists to come.

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In season 2, I think a lot of things are going to be withdrawn. I saw the script, and I was worried about how they were going to handle everything in the end,” Ryu shared, before adding, “The story also develops very quickly, and I read all the way through the script for episode 4 in a flash. Characters other than the main cast seen in season 1 will likely play a bigger role in season 2.”

One of those characters is none other than Queen Cho Hak Ju, played Kim Hye Jun. Ryu assured that viewers will get to see a more in-depth storyline of Queen Cho (who is Minister Cho’s daughter). Ryu complimented Kim on portraying her character as a foolish queen very well. However, season 2 will unveil the devious side to Queen Cho.

Going back to his character, Ryu also discussed the intricacies of his villainous role. “I tried to give my character a heavy aura of horror with minimal (physical) movements,” the talented star explained, before giving credit to his co-stars, “The characters around Cho Hak Ju did a good job in portraying just how scary Cho Hak Ju really is. It was a big help.”

Cho Hak Ju smashing a chief scholar’s head into a table, when they are symbols of nobility in a Confucian society, was a crucial moment that showed the level of power that Cho Hak Ju holds,” the actor pointed out.


He’s the non-zombie, human presence in the show that instills horror in viewers. He is a person that is keeping the king chained like a dog and giving him food, as if he is rearing him. Even so, he is not one bit shaken. Those kinds of actions are what’s horrifying. His obsession with power to the point of being almost reckless was fresh to me,” Ryu said.

For those interested, here are 8 things fans can expect to see in “Kingdom” season 2.

Sources: Soompi, KP.

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