If you recall, there were a ton of drama that took place after the death of Singaporean actor Aloysius Pang.

Several journalists received backlash for harassing those close Aloysius’ loved ones in hopes of getting inside scoop. Aloysius’ girlfriend Jayley Woo and older brother Jefferson Pang are finally addressing the controversy head on.

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Jayley expressed that she felt “really bad” for posting screenshots of the text messages from a Chinese daily reporter who harassed both her and her sister Hayley. His rude pestering even resulted in an online petition to reprimand the person in question to face disciplinary action.


In her Instagram Stories, Jayley said, “I’ve been thinking about it with regard to this petition going around…honestly I felt really bad… I know I shouldn’t have posted the screenshot.”

The actress aded that the Lianhe Zaobao and Wanbao reporter Ang Ming Hwa had indeed said sorry. “So he DID apologise, for everyone out there who wants to know…I feel like I don’t have to declare anything but I feel like I might have cost someone his job. I know that Aloysius would not want that to happen to anyone, even though it might have been a wrong time, wrong emotions for me,” she said.

Likewise, Jefferson also apologised to Hong Minghua (Senior Entertainment Correspondent of Lianhe Zaobao and Wanbao) for not coming to his defence; even though many feel that the backlash was well-deserved.

I’m sorry because Aloysius would never want this to happen to you. Despite your inconsideration, I chose to have faith that it was just a one-time blunder. I’m sorry for my ignorance, when I could have prevented it from happening,” Aloysius’ sibling was quoted as saying.

Aloysius Pang
Source: Today Online

In the wake of his brother’s death, Jefferson explained that he was overwhelmed while trying to sort things out in New Zealand and his parent’s well-being was his top priority at that point in time.

You can read his full statement via NoonTalk Media here.

Sources: Asia One, Mothership SG.

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