Aloysius Pang’s girlfriend Jayley Woo and her family have been allegedly harassed by Singaporean reporters who forcefully try to get exclusive scoop on the actor’s death.

One of the local reporters somehow managed to get Jayley’s and her twin sister Hayley’s phone numbers, and he insisted that he wanted to talk to them so that he could write factual reports on Aloysius’ death.

Source: Dee Kosh IG

Jayley shared a screenshot of the conversation between him and the reporter on her IG story. The now-deleted screenshot basically shows how the reporter invaded Jayley’s privacy by asking her insensitive questions while judging her status as a celebrity.


The conversation has sparked outrage among netizens including several social media personalities such as Xiaxue and Dee Kosh. YouTube star Dee Kosh went on a long rant on his IG stories and called out the reporter who disturbed both Jayley and Hayley.

Source: Mothership

“Hayley and Jayley were very close to Aloysius Pang. They already said that they’re going through a hard time now and they just want privacy. They will talk about it eventually, but not right now because it still very fresh in their brain. They just want privacy,” the personality shared on his IG story.

Xiaxue also posted a long statement on her IG story to call out the reporter’s unprofessional behaviour. “What really annoys me is that the reporter pretending that his motive is so pure – to help Aloysius by printing accurate articles about his life.”

“You aren’t so bloody noble. You just want to get the exclusive scoop from the bereaved girlfriend who hasn’t spoken to any other media outlet,” Xiaxue wrote.

Fans of Jayley, Hayley and Aloysius have also stormed to the said reporter’s social media accounts and condemned his action.

After receiving flak from netizens, the journalist who is the Senior Entertainment Correspondent of 2 Singaporean Chinese dailies, Lianhe Zaobao and Wanbao, posted 2 apology posts on his Instagram.

As translated by Mothership, the statement reads;

“Regarding the incident with Jayley Woo, to have hurt her, I will personally apologise to her. While communicating with her, the process was too rushed and some things were left unsaid, and so it’s particularly easy to result in a misunderstanding. I will personally explain to her.”

“Asking the family (and loved ones) of the victim for an interview is perhaps the part of a reporter’s job that’s the most unpleasant. I can’t say I’m inexperienced. Perhaps I botched things up this time.”

“One should take responsibility for one’s actions. I’ll accept all the online criticisms (directed at me). But let me stress that this has nothing got to do with my innocent family, nor my excellent colleagues. They might not agree with what I did, so please do not harm them. Otherwise you wouldn’t be different from the “me” that you’re scolding.”

“As for invading upon one’s privacy or even something illegal, please do not be rash and do it, in case you regret it. Some people have taken advantage of the chaos of the comments section and accused me of things that I did not do. So I hope that those who see the comments will remain calm and ascertain the truth. I only take responsibility for the things that I did before. I’ve disturbed everyone. Thanks.”

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