Miss Intercontinental ended last week with Philippines’ representative Karen Gallman winning the coveted title.

However, the attention right now is focused on 4th-runner-up Miss Vietnam, Le Au Ngan Anh, who reportedly stolen Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray’s look as well as her signature walk.

During the evening gown section, the Vietnamese beauty was seen sporting a red dress that looked very much like Catriona Gray’s Mayon Volcano gown at Miss Universe 2018.

Not just the dress, Twitter users also noted that she even sported the same side-swept hairstyle, but most importantly, she did Gray’s signature lava walk on the runway.

Also, she’s not the only one! Apparently, Miss Thailand has also been accused of copying Gray’s unique runway walk.


While some commenters are flattered that the Filipina beauty queen has inspired so many beauty contestants, others are angry that the move was stolen.

But out of the 2 Intercontinental beauty queens, Vietnam is the one receiving more fires from the haters, which is understandable because not only did she stole Gray’s walk, but also her look. She also wore a pre-pageant outfit that looked very similar to what Gray wore in 2018.

After receiving plenty of criticisms, this is what Miss Vietnam has to say to her bashers. “For my bashers, thank you for your negativities to make me become positive-minded person. Thank you for your hurtful words to make me stronger and be a reason for me to pursue my advocacy against cyber-bullying on the world stage.”

So what do you all think? Is it fair for netizens to call it stealing or is it just mere inspiration?

Sources: Hop Clear, Cosmo PH.

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