“Pink is the new Black” in Elizabeth Tan’s new music video “Semua Sudah” where she empowers women via her lyrics and pink-filled music video which is both cute and intimidating at the same time.

The song was composed and produced by Singaporean rapper Alif known for his hit “Sampai Jadi” and “Obvious”, and the lyrics are co-written by both Tan and Alif. The song receive generally positive reaction with many praising its catchy yet simple lyrics and tunes.


In merely 4 days, the video has received more than 450 thousand views and counting, but another element  in the music video that caught fans attention is that the guy featuring in the music video looks like actor-turned-singer Fattah Amin.

Fans noted that the guy which seems to be playing Elizabeth Tan’s love interest in the music video, looks like an older, thinner version of Fattah Amin. Some even said that he looks like a mix between Fattah Amin and drama actor Fendy Bakry.

Previously, netizens also compared Elfira Loy’s husband Faris Khairol Anuar to Fattah Amin, saying that they look like twins.

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