Despite their 14-year age gap, Jay Chou (周杰倫) and Hannah Quinlivan (昆凌) seemed like the perfect couple on social media.

However, things weren’t always sunshine and roses during their courtship before tying the knot. During an interview (translated by Jayne Stars), the 25-year-old actress opened up about the pressures of being in a relationship with the 39-year-old pop star.

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Back in 2011, when Jay and Hannah were enjoying some lovey-lovey holiday time in Australia, the world took notice. Soon, their relationship came under intense scrutiny. For the longest time, the duo’s age difference was often criticised. That kind of pressure took a toll on the Taiwanese beauty.


I thought it was really annoying! We’re just dating, why can’t we talk about it? Why were there so many different (opinions)? Why did they make it like us falling in love was a very wrong thing,” Hannah recalled.

Source: Facebook

Hannah had enough and wanted to put some distance between her and the baggage of drama from the relationship. So she fleed to the United States and enrolled herself into film school. A few days later, the Mando-pop king dropped everything to be with her. Hannah expressed it was during that moment when she knew he was “the one”.

When the lovebirds got married, Hannah was only 21. “I don’t think marriage is about age. After finding the right person, I got married. In love and relationships, I don’t know what is considered right or wrong. I just know that I love him, and I’m happy. My happiness is overshadowing my sadness,” she said.

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Fast forward 4 years later, Hannah and Jay have been blessed with 2 children – daughter, Hathaway, and son, Romeo. “I do a lot of random things; you can almost say I am the kindergarten captain. My husband is really childlike as well, which is good because it means he won’t mind that I haven’t matured. So basically our house has 4 kids, which is a kindergarten,” she quipped.

Just last month, she gifted Jay a super-SUV made by Lambor­ghini as a Christmas gift and early birthday present (he turns 40 on 18th January). The Lambor­ghini Urus reportedly costs US$324,609 (RM1.35 million). The singer revealed it was the first time a woman had ever bought him a car.

The couple has been rather calculative in not revealing the faces on their children in public, probably for the same reason as Wang Leehom.

Source: Jayne Stars.

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