Think you have tasted every dessert from McDonald’s Malaysia? Well, think again.

Over the weekend, the fast food chain introduced 4 new McDip ice cream flavours to the public. So if you’re tired of the usual Choco Dip ice cream, you can now try any of the other 4 new flavours.

Source: McDonald’s

In addition to Choco Dip, the 4 new flavours from McDonald’s Malaysia are Matcha Dip, Caramel Dip, Mango Dip, as well as Taro Dip. While the Choco Dip with vanilla ice cream is priced at RM2. The 4 new Dip flavours cost slightly more expansive, at RM2.95.


The new McDip flavoured ice creams aren’t the only thing that’s new on McDonald’s Malaysia’s menu. Dessert foodies can also enjoy the latest “Sweetest Season” of assorted Macarons, which are apparently made in France. The Macarons cost RM3.95 per piece, RM9.95 for 3 pieces, and RM19.50 for 6 pieces.


For more information, visit McDonald’s Malaysia’s Facebook page.

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