It has been reported that before her rumoured conversion to Islam and rumoured marriage to the King of Malaysia, Oksana Voevodina, 25, “found fame” by performing intimate act in a swimming pool on a tacky reality TV show in Russia.

This news which was hightlighted by UK tabloid newspaper The Sun, who in turn have credited it to Russia’s biggest newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda (KP), a daily Russian tabloid newspaper started in 1925.

Source: The Sun

KP claimed that the beauty queen who has a screen name Nikol on the Reality show 5 years ago, “was not shy at all” during her intimate scene in the pool, adding that the former Miss Moscow “surprised the participants” of the show by “having sex on her first date.”


The tabloid also claimed that a male show participant Val Nikolsky has confirmed that Oksana is the same person as “Nikol”, who was known by another name, Ksenia Dyagileva at the time.

Source: Twitter

“The celebrity of this TV show Val Nikolsky has confirmed to KP that Oksana and Ksenia (Nikol) is the same person,” the tabloid read. The sensational Russian show featured 11 young Russians staying together at a luxury Sol de Occidente villa in Mexico belonging to Russian actress Zhanna Friske.

An ad for the programme said they “lived there making love to each other from time to time and emotionally discussing their relations”.

Oksana previously shared that she came into her own during her time in University. “I was the tallest in my class (at school) and the most slim, and I was a bit worried about that. Only when I was at university, did I realise that this was my strong side. Young guys started to pay attention and I realised that they looked at me more often than at fat and not very tall girls,” she was quoted as saying.

It is unclear if her recent wedding was her first or if she’s been married before. Nevertheless, all these rumours which may or may not be true happened before she allegedly embraced Islam.

Source: The Sun UK.

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