Local rapper, entrepreneur and influencer Caprice (real name, Ariz Ramli) has been very vocal on many current social and political issues.

As someone who has been actively inspiring youths all across Malaysia, Caprice has been the go-to for many youngsters when it comes to advice and opinions.

Due to many requests, the 30-year-old has recently provided his two cents on Syed Saddiq’s comment in regards of Terengganu Muslim athletes’ attire.

The youth and sports minister defended the athletes after it was decreed that the Muslims athletes in the state should wear shariah-compliant clothes starting from 2019.

Caprice however, said that Syed Saddiq need to be respectful of the state’s decision as it is made based on Islam, and he continued to highlight on a more alarming issue where some Muslim athletes were forced to take off their hijab.


In the comment section, many of his followers agreed with his statement and some even asked him to run for parliament, and he didn’t seem to be against the idea at all.

Recently, Caprice has been hanging out with PKR vice-chief Nurul Izzah on several occasions, and it is believed that they’re are both currently working on a certain project.

Through one of his posts, Caprice said that he will consider joining the parliament in the next 5 years if his photo with Nurul Izzah gets 50,000 likes.

As of now, the photo is only at 37k likes, so it is unsure if the rapper will really join the parliament, but plenty of his fans seems to hope so.

So what do you all think? Should Caprice join the next general election?

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