Despite his appearance, local rapper Caprice, real name Ariz Ramli, has been inspiring youngsters in Malaysia through his Jihad in Education programme where he gives motivational talks in schools and colleges.

Last weekend on 26th August, the 30-year-old hip hop artiste organised a talk at Politeknik, Seberang Perai and he was joined by Permatang Pauh MP, Nurul Izzah Anwar.

Both figures uploaded photos of themselves at the event over the weekend and many fans have flocked the pictures with comments saying how good the 2 of them look together and they need to become an item soon.

In Nurul Izzah’s post, she complimented the rapper on his method of delivering key messages, adding that she and her team are mesmerised by it and he made “poyo liveable as well breathable. And that’s how life should be – menerima poyo berisi.”

From the photo, many have noticed that Caprice seems to be the one mesmerised by the PKR vice-president from the way he looked at her. Even in Caprice’s photo, fans are saying that the 2 of them seem to enjoy each other’s company.

We aren’t sure if there’s anything going on between these 2, but previously, Nurul Izzah had mentioned that she is impressed by the way the “Abang Gurau Je” singer promotes Islam and spread positive views through social media platform.

Caprice has also jokingly hinted his interest towards the 37-year-old politician. For example, when announcing his Jihad in Education talk in Seberang Perai, the social influencer made the invitation seems like a wedding invitation though he denied it afterward in the same post. “No no, I’m not getting married guys…. yet. But, this is a big day nonetheless because YB Nurul Izzah will be attending and sharing alongside my Jihad in Education talk!”

Not only that, when Nurul Izzah praised him on a radio show, he shared “Guys, please doa for me… not to go to pasar… but we are a few weeks away from launching the beginning of a new era for our Jihad in Education”.

“Go to pasar” is Caprice’s famous comeback to Zizan Razak’s shade back in January when the actor made fun of the rapper in a parody video. At that time, Caprice was hitting on actress Mira Filzah, who is rumoured to be in a relationship with Zizan. Caprice reshared the parody video with the caption, “If you got a girlfriend, she better block me up on Instagram.”

Zizan responded to the video saying that his girlfriend is loyal to him, and Caprice came out with the ultimate comeback in a “pantun” form.

Anyway, if you noticed in the comment section of Caprice and Nurul Izzah’s photos together, many fans are asking the hip hop star to “go to pasar and buy serai”. (LOL)

So what do you guys think of these 2 inspiring personalities together? Thumbs up or down?

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