Just when you thought the issue is already over, something new surface.

Two parody videos of Edi Rejang’s infamous harassment towards a female beer promoter have now surfaced and gone viral on social media.


One of the parodies is by Namewee. The video shows an unknown male approaching the Chinese star who is holding a can of Heineken beer.

The man asks “Why are you drinking beer at home? What race are you?”, and Namewee starts to answer in Korean gibberish, and further explains that he is actually drinking teh-o-ice (iced tea).

Another parody also shows an unseen man approaching a Chinese woman who is drinking a can of Carlsberg beer while working on her computer.

The video shows the man and woman reenacting the scene at the hypermarket with similar lines except that after the woman claims that she is “Orang Cina” (Chinese), the man corrects her by saying that she is “Orang Cinta”.

The woman asks if the man is trying to flirt with her, and she even questions it in Chinese language. The video ends with the man confessing his love to the woman.

Both parody videos have been widely praised by netizens for its creativity and hilarity, gaining thousands of shares and likes on social media.

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