This week, a certain video went viral on the internet showing a Malay man harassing and insulting a Chinese female promoter in a hypermarket. The video has been rapidly circulated on the internet, causing a pubic outrage among netizens.

Today, the man who goes by the name Edi Rejang has publicly apologised for his action. He said, “I would like to apologise to all Malaysians, especially the female promoter.”

“I admit the mistake I did and I regret my actions against the promoter. I hope that this issue will not be prolonged by any party as I have met YB Lim Lip Eng, Member of Parliament from DAP and have made an apology to him as well,” he continued.

Edi also said that Lim will arrange a meeting between him and the promoter as soon as possible.

The video has caused the man to lose his job after netizens emailed and messaged the company’s CEO, and the man’s family was also criticised and harassed on social media.

In the 45-second video, the man approached the promoter who was giving out beer samples at the alcohol section of the hypermarket, and start scolding her for doing so.

The woman politely explained in English that she was only giving out the samples to non-Muslims but the man criticised her and asked to speak Malay as she is living in “Bumi Melayu” and then he continued to made an obscene hand gesture and spouted vulgarities before walking away.


Featured Image: Lim Lip Eng’s Twitter.

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