Social media has been going abuzz since it was announced that the Yang di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Muhammad V had reportedly tied the knot with Oksana Voevodina in the Russian capital.

So what else do we know about the beauty queen other than the fact that she’s Miss Moscow 2015? We did a little digging and came up with some fun facts about Oksana Voevodina.

Source: ВКонтакте

1. Her Russian name is Оксана Воеводина.


2. Oksana Voevodina (or Oksana Voyevodina) is believed to be 25 years old this year.

3. She was only 22 when she won the crown of Miss Moscow 2015 out of 32 contestants on 9th June.

4. There is a screenshot of her claiming that she converted to Islam on 16th April 2018 and her Islam name is Rihana Oxana Gorbatenko.

5. Miss Moscow 2015 is a graduate student in the Faculty of Business from Plekhanov Russian University of Economics.

Here are more pictures of Oksana Voevodina:

If Sultan Muhammad V and Oksana Voevodina are indeed officially husband and wife, massive congratulations to the newlyweds 😉

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