Josh Cahill is an award-winning travel blogger and a frequent flyer who runs an airline blog, GoTravelYourWay, which won Best Airline Blog / YouTuber in 2018.

However, on his recent flight with Malaysia Airlines, the blogger claimed that he was bullied by the crew mid-air after he shared the flight’s awful service during his journey from Kuala Lumpur to London.

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My recent trip on @malaysiaairlines was probably the worst flight of my life. Literally nothing was working on the plane and after sharing my thoughts on Instagram the crew would deny me service, bully me throughout the flight and even the CEO was all fine with it. Stay tuned for next weeks review of my Horror flight on Malaysia Airlines. . #gotravelyourway #avgeek #aviationgeek #instagramaviation #businesstraveller #instaplane #aviationlovers #luxurytravel #businessclass #aviation4u #firstclasstravel #airlinegeeks #aviationdaily #aviationdaily #aviationblogger #bloggerlife #youtuber #joshcahill #malaysia #malaysiaairlines #kualalumpur #london #izhamismail

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Josh who has more than 53k subscribers on YouTube and 20k followers on Instagram has released a video reviewing his experience with the “horror flight”.

In the video, Josh said that he had obtained permission from Malaysia Airlines’ social media team to film in-flight to review the airline, but after he posted the mid-flight Instagram post, things went downhill in the cabin.

On his Instagram post, he described all of the bad services on the plane including “very unfriendly crew”, “broken inflight entertainment” which left him without any entertainment for 13 hours, “dreadful food” and “worst seat” on the plane. Thus, he concludes that it was “the most disappointing flight of the year”.

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I’m only halfway through my flight to London and I can already say that this is the most disappointing flight of the year. Very unfriendly crew (where did the amazing Malaysian hospitality go?), broken inflight entertainment (asked the crew to fix it and they never got back to me) which leaves me 13 hours without entertainment, dreadful food served on a sticky and filthy tray and on top of that I was probably assigned the worst seat on that plane… sorry @malaysiaairlines but this was/is a really poor performance. Stayed tuned for the full review, soon on my YouTube! However, Malaysia will always be my favorite country 🇲🇾❤️ . #gotravelyourway #avgeek #aviationgeek #instagramaviation #businesstraveller #instaplane #aviationlovers #luxurytravel #businessclass #aviation4u #firstclasstravel #airlinegeeks #aviationdaily #aviationdaily #aviationblogger #bloggerlife #youtuber #joshcahill #malaysiaairlines #mh04 #london #uk #malaysia #kualalumpur #nightmare

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According to Josh, he believed that someone saw his Instagram post and informed the captain during the flight, and things got worse from there. “They wouldn’t serve me anymore, no water for me, no drinks – I was completely ignored,” he said in his 20-minute video review.

“I’m a paying customer and I didn’t do anything wrong. I just shared my experience as anyone else can do on the internet. The way they deal with criticism is unheard of!” he added.

Josh continued saying that he felt humiliated and uncomfortable during the whole flight as he was treated horribly and almost like a “criminal”. He was also asked to stop filming in the flight even though he initially received permission to do so.

After arriving in London, Josh met the manager of Malaysia Airlines who apologised for the bad services he received on the plane. Later on, he received more “template” apology emails from a few airline employees, including the CEO, who “didn’t seem to care much” about his experience.

“By the end of the day, he (Malaysia Airlines CEO) is still happy as he gets to walk away with my money in his pocket for service that was dreadful… that’s not something I’ve paid for,” he said.

Malaysia Airlines has since offered a full refund but Josh requested for the company to donate it to one of their charities instead.

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