We’ve lost count of how many times we’ve heard rumours that Fazura is expecting!

Most recently, actor-singer Fattah Amin shared on Instagram about his wife not feeling very well, and Fattzura fans immediately speculated that the “Langit Cinta” actress is expecting.

But when recently interviewed by the media, Fazura said that she understands that many of her fans are hoping to see a Fattzura junior soon, and she is happy to say she is now ready to have babies.

“Every marriage is different. Some people get married and they want to get pregnant right away. But me and Fattah have plans. “We plan our journey because both of us are always very busy,” Fazura said at the launch of Elmina Lakeside Concert in Shah Alam.

“What I can say now to my fans is that we have open the ‘factory’! We are producing babies so hopefully when the time is right, by God’s willing, it will happen, and I think it will happen very soon,” she added.

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