American singer Charlie Puth was in Malaysia 2 days ago for a concert which is part of his ongoing “Voicenotes” Asia Tour.

While he may be a huge name in his homegrown country, apparently in Malaysia, he has failed to receive the same amount of support.


According to a viral Twitter post, the turnout for Charlie Puth’s concert in Malaysia, which took place at Stadium Malawati in Shah Alam, was quite disappointing.

The photo posted by the Twitter user shows that the stadium was quite empty at 8:39pm. The concert was supposed to start at 8:30pm.

The user shared another photo at 9:48pm which shows that the stadium was still very empty even though it was already over an hour into the concert.

Some users speculated that the concert had low turnout due to several reasons including lack of publicity effort from the organiser, expensive ticketing pricing, the fact that it was held on a working day, SPM exam period, and more. It also didn’t help that Guns and Roses was also performing in Sunway Lagoon that same day.

Though others argued that Mariah Carey also held her concert on a weekday, yet the tickets were sold out and her concert was a full house.

However, another Twitter user has defended saying that the stadium was only empty on the left side while the right and middle sides were quite full.

Nevertheless, many who attended the concert said that Charlie Puth put on an incredible show that night and they hope that he will come to Malaysia again in the future.

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