Malaysian ARMYs, brace yourself! There’s a huge chance that BTS may be bringing their Love Yourself World Tour to Malaysia next year.

AirAsia Group CEO Tan Sri Tony Fernandes has hinted on his Instagram of a possible BTS concert after holding the 1st PSM (Malaysia Stadium Corporation) meeting that took place yesterday.

Tony said that he aimed to use the PSM facilities “to train talent, develop academies, make Malaysia a regional entertainment centre and maintain these great facilities well.” He then further mentioned, “I’m sure we are going to see a UFC fight with Khabib, a BTS concert soon and who knows even U2. Watch this space.”

His post has thrown Malaysian ARMYs into a frenzy with many begging him to make it a reality and not just a possibility. As you may know the popular K-pop group will be touring several Asian countries in 2019. Unfortunately, Malaysia wasn’t included in the line-up.

Fans are now hoping for some good news to come.


What make fans even more excited is that Tony even tagged BTS’ official Instagram account, which means that he is totally serious about the concert.

Earlier in October, Tony had been showing interest in BTS, as he has promoted BTS face mask and he even took a photo of himself with BTS billboard.

According to an insider, BTS’ concert will be held in Bukit Jalil National Stadium, but there’s a rumour saying that they maybe coming to Malaysia for a music festival instead of a full-fledge concert.

The details are scarce at this point, but if BTS really do come to Malaysia next year, it will be their 2nd visit to the country as they were previously here for BTS Live Trilogy in Malaysia Episode II. The Red Bullet in 2015.

So ARMYs, are y’all excited? Go work your magic and hopefully the powers-that-be will be see how serious we really want BTS here.

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