The issue is not yet solved! Apparently, local music label PU4LYF who is in charge of Malaysian Indian singer Santesh has decided to take action against cosmetic entrepreneur Dato Aliff Syukri for spouting racist remarks towards the “Amalina” singer in a recent episode of “Gegar Vaganza” season 5.

On the particular episode, Aliff said something along the line, “If you used my whitening product, you will be fair and white, not like Santesh!” The sentence caused rage among Malaysians especially the Indian community. Apart from that, Aliff also publicly called a woman ugly on the show, though he later revealed that it was an act.

Santesh revealed on his Instagram that he wasn’t aware of what Dato Aliff Syukri was saying as he couldn’t hear clearly. He only found out about it the next day when it became a huge issue.

“I feel quite disappointed and sad when skin colour is used as a joke by a public figure on a live TV show, watched by millions of Malaysians,” he wrote.

“The label is not pleased with words uttered by Aliff Syukri that night. So they met up with the lawyers for a discussion. I cannot revealed any more because this is something that involves labels,” the singer told mStar.

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Nevertheless, Santesh said that he did not take the matter to heart as he has already forgave Dato Aliff Syukri (who already issued a public apology on his social media). “I have no problem with Dato Aliff because I’ve been following his Instagram and I’m used to the way he talks.”

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