Controversial cosmetic millionaire Aliff Syukri is once again under fire after publicly calling a woman “ugly” during a live broadcast of singing competition “Gegar Vaganza” (Season 5).

However, the “Bobo Di Mana” singer has explained on Instagram that everything happened that day was all part of an act – a gimmick to sell his beauty product and was already approved by the production.


According to his post, Aliff revealed that the woman in the audience is actually one of his staffs, and most of the people in the audience are aware of the gimmick.

“She was part of our team and we purposely placed her at the side so that it would be easy for the cameraman to capture her on camera. Even the people in the auditorium knew of this,” he wrote.

Despite the explanation, what made the audience angry is the choice of words used to describe the lady and the racist remarks thrown at Indian singer Santesh.

Not only netizens, even several celebrities and social media personalities have voiced out their disgusts towards Aliff Syukri’s marketing approach even though it was only a joke. The personalities include Dato’ Fazley Yaakob, Harith Iskander, Caprice, Arwind Kumar, Redza Minhat, Shamaine Othman, Harvinth Skin, and more.


In the same post, Aliff Syukri apologise for his wrong choice of words, saying that his not good in English and he couldn’t think of a word to describe “kusam” (dull) at the time as he only had 2 minute to promote his product.

“Anyway, I admit that it was my fault for uttering the words without thinking and I’ve already apologised on that night, but if you still want to condemn and criticise me, please be my guest as I know that I could never satisfy all of you,” he said.

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