If you’re a movie buff, then you would definitely know about the American web series “Honest Trailers” by online movie magazine and YouTube channel Screen Junkies.

Created in 2012, “Honest Trailers” is a parodic trailers that basically tell you the truth about your favourite movies and TV shows.


Now, get ready to watch the Malaysian version of it as MGAG – which is basically Malaysia’s version of 9GAG – has debut its very 1st honest trailer, and the movie they’re focusing on is Adrian Teh’s critically acclaimed action movie “Paskal”.

The video starts off exactly like Screen Junkies’ “Honest Trailers” with people’s comments popping up on screen asking them to make the honest trailer for the movie “Paskal”. However, it seems that some unrelated comments also appeared on the screen.

Calling itself “Jujur Trailers” (hmm, shouldn’t it be “Treler Jujur”), the 2-minute duration video gives a brief synopsis on what the movie is about, but beware for the minor spoilers and some curse words. (LOL!)

Like the reception of the movie, the honest trailer for “Paskal” also received generally positive reactions from fans. Many are amused by the team’s creative and smooth editing skills, and also the witty and hilarious dialogues.

It is unsure if MGAG will face any lawsuit issue for the video but according to them, “We didn’t copy honest trailer, honest trailer copied us!! #doneclaim.”

Anyway, netizens are hoping that MGAG team will be creating more “Honest Trailers” in the future, making it a constant series like the original version but focuses only local productions.


What local movie or series do you want MGAG to do next?

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