Joey G clearly misses Sophia Sue-Lin.

It’s been slightly more than a week since little Sophia was reunited with her mum. Yesterday evening (Sunday, 28th October), Joey took to his Instagram stories to post some rhetorical questions regarding his ex.

Source: Instagram

Earlier this month, we reported that Patricia had plans to file a police report after discovering that Joey had quietly brought their daughter to London without her consent. Turns out, she made good on her promise. Joey admitted in his IG story that he was charged with international abduction but has since been cleared.


In his latest stories, Joey posted:

  1. Was I a bad father?
  2. Did I ever put myself in any type of danger?
  3. Was I always out partying or karaoke with friends when I should have been home with  a new born baby?
  4. Did I put my needs before my child?
  5. Did I not treat my child with love and affection?
  6. Did I go out at 8am and stay out all day until night time?
  7. Did I neglect my child?
  8. Did I ever show negligence as a parent?
  9. Was I abusive towards my child?
  10. Did my daughter deserve to have her father taken out of her life?
Joey G
Source: Instagram

Besides expressing frustration at his rights as a father being taken, Joey is also allegedly accusing Patricia of “manipulating the court system by making false allegations”.

He concluded his post by saying that Sophia deserves to have both parents in her life.

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