What were you doing when you were 12? Probably studying for UPSR or playing video games, right? But this young boy, Muhammad Thaqif has already developed his own game at the age of 12!

In the local gaming community, a Malay boy has gotten many people’s attention when he posted if there’s anyone who would be willing to purchase his self-developed game for RM1.


Though the boy received quite a number of ridicules from people who looked down on him due to his young age, most of them are impressed that he is able to pull it off as coding games is not easy and takes a long time.

As reported by Malay Reporter, Thaqif recently shared that he is currently developing a First Person Shooter (FPS) game which has already completed 75%. He developed the game at a local cyber cafe since he doesn’t own a computer or laptop.

But sadly, the game was deleted as the owner of the local cyber cafe thought that Thaqif had inserted virus into their computer. Nevertheless, the 12-year-old refused to give up and requested the community to suggest a laptop that can be purchased with RM350.

Inspired and touched by his determination, members of the gaming community decided to donate some cash to the young boy so that he can get a new laptop and computer.

Source: Malay Reporter

The news has gone so viral on social media that it finally reached our Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq who requested to have a meet up with the young talent.


As a gamer himself, Syed Saddiq has always supported the eSports scene in Malaysia and believed that our country has what it takes to be the best in Asia.

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